When? Now…

“We are a product of meetings…” the all too familiar phrase chimed from the speakers, as the Pastor in charge did his best, by the Spirit of course, to encourage brethren to register for yet another meeting.

My Church is an ‘alive’ church, with ‘alive’ brethren, so it didn’t require much to inspire us ‘alive’ people to respond to things like this. All across the room were shouts of ‘halleluyah’ ‘glory’ ‘yeah pastor’, ‘my meat’ (🤭, oh I play too much). Amidst all the excitement, there was this all too familiar clang in my mind, ‘de ja vu’ more like been there, done that, what next?

Interesting how we are so quick to sign up for the Motivational course, leadership skill acquisition class, early start up courses and the works… what happens after? You go for this meeting and learn so much and the next and the next and the next. At some point, I had to stop myself and ask, “when would I really put all these too work? Ever felt like you knew much more than you were doing? Like your capacity far exceeds your present output and you are thinking to yourself “so how do I go from knowing to doing?”

Don’t worry I am not a motivational speaker, I never even motivate myself finish, but the least I know is, in the sweetest voice, the doer in you is answering, “ready when you are” and if you are sensitive enough to listen to you and bold enough to ask “when? The answer would be Now!

Now is as good a time as any. Your Now is when you are ready, and you are ready Now, so get up and do something about that big dream of yours… ain’t nobody gan’ do it for ya!

The next,

Oh my, I dared again.

The First…

My journey to Bloghood begins with the over hyped yet mundane obvious, write! Write something, anything, but not nothing… hard as it may seem, the best way to start anything is to start….

So here’s to a beautiful beginning🥂 of random ramblings that might make sense after a while… or not, at least I started, what can you start today?

Laughter comes at no cost, it’s okay to try it now… even if it means you laughing at this blog and not with it

Till the next,

She dared to start❣